Why do you need many many more beta bois turned gurls in this world?

There are a lot more betas out there than you realize. Men are usually seen in the dominant role but not every male has the ability to be a dominant. That’s why you have bottom gay twink fags who dress up like little girls and accept their role as submissives. However, you have another segment of males who don’t understand that. They try to go against nature and try to dominate others although they don’t have the capacity to do so. This can lead to all sorts of problems like violence. They try to compensate for their small dick or feminine desires by trying to act extra macho and when it doesn’t work out they become depressed. They hide their true selves all their lives until they get really old and finally realize who they were meant to be. They stop running away and embrace their feminine qualities but they always regret not accepting themselves earlier. A lot of beta males suffer from this internal psychological battle. But just imagine if these beta males were exposed to this and shown a different lifestyle earlier in their upbringing. Imagine if they saw sissies, if they saw gay guys and drag queens on TV; imagine if society normalizes sissy behavior. The number of beta bois turned into girls would increase and the increase would encourage others to follow the same path. 

That is exactly what is happening right now. On TV and social media, you can see all around you, the normalization of drag queens in entertainment, flamboyant gays on TV and social media. More boys are dressing like girls. More boys are talking like girls and acting feminine. Our movement is growing larger and larger. Within the next decade, porn industries will start taking a serious look at sissy porn, sissy hypnos, etc. More boys will be exposed to sissification and start experimenting with crossdressing. And you know how being a sissy is. Once you start, you never go back.