What do I do as for forming my ass to have a nice one for my master?

Ok, follow each of these steps in the order they are given.

1. Watch (THIS) video and follow along. Don’t feel guilty for stopping in midway through one of the exercises. You will be able to complete each one fully the more times you do it. 

2. Immediately after completing the exercises in that video, I want you to watch some sissy hypnosis videos. But here’s how I want you to do it. 

  1. Put your laptop or tablet on a table (or use your desktop)
  2. Put your headphones on
  3. Make sure the room is dark
  4. Find fast-paced, sissy hypnos with exercise music or a harsh beat. Usually videos with Britney Spears or Rihanna singing in the background works well but it’s entirely up to you. 

Here’s where it gets fun.

I want you to do squats while staring at the screen and watching your favorite sissy hypno; Do all the exercises they teach you in the aforementioned video. You can mix it up and stay in squat position for as long as you like.

It gets even better. You’re allowed to jerk off while you do it. That’s right, I want you to play with your sissy clitty while doing the squats. That will keep your mind off of the pain from the exercises and more on the pleasure. This way you will be able to do more squats than you even thought you were capable of doing. When you think of it as practice for bouncing on a cock, or making yourself more desirable for cock, the exercise becomes much easier and you begin looking forward to it. 

When you feel close to cumming then you should stop touching yourself and focus on your squats and the hypno video. Only when you feel an incredible amount of intensity in your thighs while squatting are you allowed to cum. Remember to hold the squat when you orgasm and slowly let your legs collapse lower as you shoot your sissy juice. While this happens, you need to repeat the words in the sissy video which are audible or flash on the screen. I’ve found myself saying things like, “rape me, fuck me, use me” while orgasming this way. It’s an intense experience. Your mind goes blank for a split second and you see white. You’re squatting down with cum running down your thigh, all on your hand, and on the floor and there’s that intense tingly feeling in your legs. Savor that moment. Get up, lick the cum off of your hands and take your post-exercise shower. Drink a protein shake after that. You can add a little cum in there if you want to reward yourself. 

When you begin to get the hang of it, you can start using a chair. Place a suction dildo, vibrating dildo or butt plug on the chair and fuck it while you do your squats and watch hypno videos. The concentration should be focused more on your exercises than on pleasuring yourself so always remember that. 



If it’s too much, you may use another surface to recline on while fucking your dildo. Just remember to keep the dildo on a higher level so you can get those squats in. (or use a longer dildo)


Lastly, go for runs whenever you can. Running helps tone your ass and keeps it looking healthy. Go out for a morning or evening run at least 2-3 times a week. Please stretch before and after every exercise prescribed here. Remember to keep your sissy hole hair free. That means shaving, waxing, epilation. Whatever it takes to keep it smooth. Remember to moisturize with lotion or cream to prevent itchiness and scarring. 

In conclusion, SQAUTS SQUATS SQUATS!!! Squats are a girl’s best friend.



Now you’re ready for daddy’s cock!