supersissyconnie: To answer the inevitable questions:1) Yes,…


To answer the inevitable questions:

1) Yes, this actually happened to me.
2) No, that is not my wife.
3) Yes, these are the actual pictures (blurred) that she took after catching me.
4) No, she wouldn’t have sex with me after this and instead found herself a real man with a big, hairy cock to satisfy her.
5) Yes, she took even more degrading pictures of me and secretly shared them with her big-dicked lover and her girlfriends for laughs.
6) No, we’re not together anymore as she left me for her big-dicked lover.
7) Yes, she still has all of the pictures and occasionally sends me one to humiliate me.
8) No, I am not “allowed” to have sex with girls anymore as my ex keeps tabs on me and threatens to expose me if she ever catches me with a girl.
9) Yes, I am permanently a sissy where I am only allowed to wear panties and my only sexual encounters are with men.

Number 8 ???