So I can’t stop looking at Sissy and feminization captions on Tumblr! What’s the next step for me?

It’s time to take your addiction to the next level. Start binge-watching sissy hypnos. Let them consume your mind to the point where you close your eyes and start to see them. You start dreaming about sissy hypnos. When you go into a store and a pop song comes on that was featured in one of those hypnos, your vision starts to blur a little and you are triggered by feelings of feminization. You get light-headed, hot and horny when you hear the music. You want to get to the point that you catch yourself staring at men’s crotches. Take yourself deeper into faggotry and sissification any way you can. Be creative. Become a perverted depraved cock craving crossdressing bimbo slut for me.