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Penis Health and Finger Size: Is There a Correlation?

A great many people are acquainted with the old wives’ story which expresses that a man’s finger size Penis Health (and specifically that of his center digit) relates to his penis size. There have been various illustrations that expose this hypothesis, yet a late study does propose there may be some relationship between a man’s finger size and his Penis Health – and also between finger size and different attributes.
Penis Health  : Not absolutely new.

The thought that finger size can uncover shrouded data about a man is not new. Notwithstanding the old wives’ story said over, the craft of palmistry – or “perusing” a man and his past and future by looking at his hand – has likewise since quite a while ago championed an association between finger size and Penis Health.

Interestingly, the association between finger size and Penis Health is not identified with the center finger, that longest of digits. Maybe, the viewpoint that palmistry specialists and a few analysts concentrate on is the proportion between the second (file) finger and the fourth (ring) finger. Known as the 2D:4D proportion, it once in a while expect an association between this proportion and the span of the penis. As indicated by this equation, the shorter the pointer is in connection to the ring finger, the more extended a man’s penis.

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