Limp Clitty Training!


I found this wonderful post on newfapchan, and I’m going to preserve it here for future reference and for other sissies who want to cum like a girl~

A limp clitty is indeed possible.

Its not too hard to teach your body to stay soft when aroused. The main problem is that the arousal response is autonomal, it’s just something your body does without getting the go ahead from your brain. It’s chemicals in the brain firing on a level you don’t have any conscious control over. Drugs can try and prevent you from getting hard by jacking around with the chemicals and chemical receptors and hypnosis can try and prevent you from getting hard by subconsciously re-associating the stimuli which cause those chemicals, but both of these options are of limited effectiveness and will depend largely on how your brain works. I wouldn’t really recommend either – the former because you may end up with some nasty side effects and the latter because it frankly won’t work super well.

The method I recommend to my sissies is basically a kind of re-association training. I posted this as part of Anni’s training in the ‘Someone Take Control of Me’ thread, but because I care, I’ll repeat the information here for you girls.

See, the big hurdle is that your body is a big dumb beast. It grew up learning to do things a certain way so that’s what it does. When you remove your consciousness from the equation, your body is an animal. It doesn’t know it’s doing anything wrong by getting hard, it’s just doing what instinct and training have taught it. Thankfully though, we can use its own nature against it.

The human brain and the human body are remarkably resilient. If there’s one thing it knows how to do, it’s adapt. That’s fairly convenient for our purposes. So is the fact that the human brain is basically wired for sex. Your body is a slut. It wants to reproduce. All that’s needed, then, to teach your body to be soft, is to force it to realize that it isn’t going to be having any sexy fun if it’s hard. This requires a bit more work and discipline than hypnosis or drugs, but you’ll probably have better long term results with it. Plus, well, training is a whole kind of sexy fun its own.

Here’s what you do.

First, you need to teach your body that an erection is a profoundly unnatural and undesirable state. Think of it like having a muscle cramp. When your leg cramps up you stop what you’re doing and don’t continue until the cramp has gone away. You want to do the same with your clitty getting stiff. If you find yourself getting hard at any point for any reason – if you notice you are getting erect or if you notice you’ve become erect without noticing – stop whatever you are doing and focus on making the hardness go away. Look at something else. Think about something else. Do something else. Do not continue with what you were doing until you are once again nice and soft. With time and a lot of discipline, this will begin to teach your body that your clit shouldn’t be getting hard in response to these stimuli. You will eventually start to notice that you can focus on those things without fear of becoming hard.

For added feminization, when you are trying to think about something else, make an effort to only think about the girliest things you can imagine. Cute shoes, makeup, nails, stuff that is super girly, but which doesn’t get you hot beneath the collar. This will both help you to associate these things with being soft as well as just plain teach you to think girly thoughts throughout the day.

Second, and probably more importantly, you have to change the way you masturbate. Normally when you rub your little clitty it gets all hard and you keep rubbing it till you cum everywhere. This rewards and strengthens the association your body has between arousal, pleasure, and hardness. We are going to change that. From now on, when you masturbate you need to do so either while also playing with your sissy pussy or, if you aren’t that accustomed to anal yet, while pinching your nipples and squeezing your chest. This is to teach your body that it has more than just one erogenous zone. Before you start make sure your clitty gets nice and soft. Concentrate on either the pornographic material or fantasy you are focusing on. Make it something really hot – something that never fails to turn you on. Start rubbing your soft clitty while also fingering or pinching yourself. You should soon find yourself getting hard. When this happens, stop rubbing your clitty, but keep playing with yourself. Consider using the free hand to pinch your other nipple or rub your thighs or slap your ass – do something slutty with it. Eventually your clit should start to become nice and soft again. If it doesn’t seem to want to become soft, slowly ease off on the stimulation until you’ve stopped altogether. If you still have trouble becoming soft, go do something else entirely until it finally goes down. When it does become soft, resume rubbing it. Stop when it becomes hard, start again when it becomes soft. Continue this pattern for at least half an hour. This will teach your body that there is a greater sexual reward for it if it is nice and soft. It’ll also teach it that breast stimulation and getting your cute little hole filled are important parts of having sex, which will also help add to the strength of the orgasm. The first several times you do this you may have trouble cumming. If this happens, don’t try to force it and especially don’t rub one out afterwards. You may simply need to resign yourself to the fact that sometimes sluts like you don’t get to cum. Not cumming will make you hornier for next time, which will make it all that much easier. As you get good at this, you’ll find yourself regularly able to cum while soft.

If you keep this training up, eventually you should find yourself no longer getting hard at all when you are aroused, but rather you’ll find a feeling of emptiness in your ass or a yearning in your breasts to be pinched and squeezed. Your body will have relearned how it should be handling arousal. With persistence and discipline you should notice some basic results within two weeks, and some more substantial results after about a month. Obviously the longer you keep the training up the more effect it has, but of course, you’ll eventually hit the point where you’re no longer getting hard at all, at which point you don’t really need it anymore.

It worked for me. Sometimes I miss my erection but it’s a worthy sacrifice. ❤️?