I work in mental health and was so happy to see the fact that depression was posted on your blog as part of the sissy stage, i have been, research does seem to show that those that can overcome the initial stages of acceptance tend to be very low risk of ever suffering from poor mental health again, to put it in a funny way, being a sissy can be good for you 🙂 x

@kikichambers thank you so much for this comment. (I love your blog by the way). This is exactly the message that I’ve been trying to get across. Being a sissy is good for you. It’s much better and more rewarding than pretending to be a man all the time. All that pressure and stress builds up and damages your mind. Being a sissy sets you free. The biggest reason why you should give up on being a man and start living as a sissy is simply because you actually love it. You enjoy it. This is something you’re passionate about. This is what you were meant to be.