Being a Sissy is AMAZING 3: Swimsuits


Hey gurls! It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I’m still here. Why wouldn’t I be when being a sissy is just so awesome?!!! Ha. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed, I’m nearly up to 500 subscribers. The more I get the more inspiration I get to be an even better sissy. Thank you!

Lots of you have been giving me ideas on what to post – I promise I will get round to most of those soon – but I thought I’d first share a quick inspiration post about something quite close to my heart, swimsuits!

(Penny knows what I mean! OMG I want this swimsuit soooooo much.)

Every gurl has that thing that they wore early on when they first started to dress. Mine happened to be swimsuits pinched from the swimming drawer. Now I have had about 20 different ones and my collection is starting to grow and grow. But, whether you are a sissy girl who hasn’t tried one yet or whether you have tried hundreds, there are great reasons to wear them.

The feel

The feel of lycra (or similar), stretched over your body leaves you under no impression that you are all dressed up and ready to have fun. The tight material all over your body not only entraps your body’s senses but can serve as an important reminder of just how much your sissy desires are controlling your mind.

(Kyoko obviously enjoys the feel of her outfits!)

The look

Swimsuits and leotards cling tight and follow the shape of your body better than almost any other. Their designs can be strident, subtle, geeky or and can feature almost any thing you like, for example…

(There are Star Trek alternatives for any gurl that way inclined!)

The look of swimsuits and leotards can be absolutely awesome for sissies and transexuals. They have the magical effect of both hiding, ahem, “male bits”, and turning them into the sexiest little bulges at the same time. Case in point…

(As I said, Penny knows how to rock a swimsuit)

The positive reinforcement

Sometimes the shape of a swimsuit can be a bit unforgiving. Although it can help tuck a little bit of belly away, it won’t do magic. However, this is a really really important factor as it can help a sissy gurl to maintain her figure – a great fit is a great reward for staying in shape. (I’ll get back to this topic again in a future note!)

(Peachipet looking cute in a Japanese-style swimsuit)

Ease to hide

The fact that swimsuits are so tight is a great thing if you want to conceal one under your day-to-day clothes. They are unlikely to leave highly visible lines and won’t stop you doing your normal routine – so they are great things to put on in a morning and rock all day.

(Miku wearing a cute blue number you could easily wear under your clothes all day without anyone realising!)

In short

Swimsuits are a lot of fun to wear and feel great, there’s no good reason why you should have to wait until you want to swim to put one one!

Remember – “normal” guys do not have the opportunity to wear such nice things! When you embrace being a sissy, swimsuits are just one of a multitude of amazing outfits to try, model and find a style that really suits you.

(Have I introduced you to the awesome Penny already? Lol.)

How many swimsuits have you tried. How about long-sleeve leotards? Will a ruffle go well with your look? Can you wear an even tighter swimsuit to give you good reason to stay in shape? What style makes your bum look the best??!

So, with so many styles, and so little time, it’s about time for you accept yourself, have fun and accept just how much being a sissy is AMAZING!

Let me know in the comments what topics you want me to address next and I’ll add them to my schedule – please follow me if you like the articles. Until next time, stay SissyPositive!

Hugs and kisses,
SissyPositivity 😉 x x x