How do I make my masculine walk more feminine?

Chrissi says:

This is really an important part of transition for trans feminine folks, and one gender therapists seem to forget. Here’s some steps that should help.

  1. Focus your weight into your hips. Cismales tend to walk with their weight in their arms or stomachs. Think of a model walking a runway — her steps are light and her shoulders are back.

  2. Swing your hips as you step. While an overly enthusiastic swing will certainly be noticeable, most ciswomen walk with a subtle hip swing. Practice by walking around your home and exaggerating the swing, then tone it down when you hit the street.

  3. Slow it down. If you observe ciswomen in a shop or casual setting, or searching for a shiny Charizard, that was stolen from them at school (not bitter), you will notice that they tend to browse and meander. It’s not uncommon for a ciswoman to walk like she’s on a mission, but mimicking these browsing habits can make you appear more feminine.

  4. Swing your arms gently and point your elbows in toward your torso. A light swing comes off as feminine, and turning the elbows results in creating a smaller silhouette.

  5. Relax your muscles and allow your body to move more fluidly. If you’re wearing a wig, ensure it is secured so you can move your head freely. Rigid posture will make you appear more manly than feminine. Don’t relax too much though, or you’ll be sitting down, and this helps no one.

    I know you didn’t ask but here’s a bonus:

    Tips on walking in heels, a lot struggle, even ciswomen, and Princess Leia..

    POSTURE: Heels pitch weight forward, so for balance, keep your head up and shoulders back. Tightening your core will offset some of the pressure on your feet. 

    STEPS: Striding in a normal heel-to-toe motion can snap a stiletto or twist an ankle. Instead take short steps, going down evenly on the ball of the foot and heel. But remember heel-to-toe is the best way if you’re walking in sturdy heels.

    WEIGHT: As your weight shifts fully onto a foot, spread your toes in the shoe slightly; this will help to distribute the weight onto the ball of the foot. 

    HIPS: When you’re feeling off-balance, you tend to stiffen up. For an easy, attractive momentum, let your hips swing in small, sideways, figure-eight motions.

    These should help you appear more Kate Moss, and less Bambi on ice.

    Much love

The Sissy Training School


Chapter 1
John is a straight guy. He is 19 Years old a little bit short for his age but beside this a regular boy.
One day while he walked on the Street he decided to take a taxi home. When he entered the Taxi he suddenly fell asleep….

After some time you woke up with a terrible headache! You were in a pink room and you were naked. You  looked around a bit and saw there was a second bed in the Room with another Boy sleeping in there.
As you stood up you noticed some weight on your Crotch. You couldn’t believe your Eyes! You were wearing a locked Chastity Cage!
You started panicking and immediately returned to bed and thought it was a bad dream!
Slowly you fell asleep again… When you woke up the second time  your roommate was standing in the middle of the room and he also had his Dick Caged!
The moment he saw, you were awake, he tried to hide his Crotch but you had already seen everything!
You told him they had made the same to you and that you two should search for some Clothes.
His name was Lucas and he also entered a Taxi and can’t remember anything since then!
When you two discovered the little wardrobe there were only a few Items in it and a piece of Paper!

„Hello Bois, I hope you had a wonderful sleep and have met each other.
In here are your Clothes for the time you are under our roof. Don’t be messy with them and always take Care of them! these are the only items you will get!
Every Sunday you will give us the Clothes and we will clean them for you! There are no possibility to Clean them before, so take care of your stuff and everything gonna be Fine!
Now put your Clothes on and come eat lunch at 12.00 Am.
PS: if you don’t put on the Panties You will get Punished!
Mistress D“

You were shocked. The only items in the Wardrobe were 2 Skinny Jeans, 2 white Shirt and 2 pair of Pink Panties!
You didn’t know what to do and just obeyed the command. It was to much to handle for your mind and you wanted to avoid any Punishment.
Lucas on the Other Side said he wouldn’t put on those Panties! Never!

When it finally became 12:00, your locked Rooms automatically opened and you followed the Arrows On the Ground!
Finally you entered a small room and you could see 6 Other guys wearing the same clothes as Lucas and you.
Lucas decided We should just sit down and wait whats going to happen.
Slowly some other Boys entered the Room all wearing the same Clothes.
After 10 Minutes of waiting the Door Closed itself automatically and a Tall woman appeared on a Big Screen.
„ Hello little Boys! I’m glad to see all of you in this room today. My Name is Mistress D and I Will be your Main Teacher.
First of all, we have to make some Rules for you!
if you ever try to leave your Room or this Building without Permission you will get punished!
You Will Call every female Teacher  you see Mistress and every male Teacher Master! If not you will get Punished!
When given a Command you will always Answer answer with Yes Mistress or Yes Sir. If not you will get Punished!
You are not allowed to ask Questions or you will get Punished!
Not Following a teachers Command will lead to Punishment!
And the last Rule is You should always wear your Panties except for Sundays when they get cleaned! Otherwise you get Punished!

Now I want everyone to Standup, drop their pants and show me their Panties!“

Fearfull you and every Boy in the Room stand up and drop their Pants. Except Lucas! he sits on his Chair and he don’t know what to do!
The Mistress on the Screen immediately commanded him to Stand up and to drop his Pants!
Lucas couldn’t move he sat there like paralyzed!
Suddenly the Door Opens and a 2 Meters tall Black Guy entered The Room!
He was the biggest man you had ever seen! He was very Tall but he was also very muscular!
He walked straight in Lucas’s direction.
He gripped Lucas By the arm made him Stand and completely removed his Pants!
Lucas stood there ashamed in his Chastity Cage.
The Mistress immediately reacted:
„ So you thought you could  deny a Mistress Command?
Tyron, Teach him a lesson!“

Lucas tried to walk away but Tyron lifted him up made him Bend Over the Desk!
Lucas was completely Helpless! The Huge Man started slapping his naked ass with an incredible Power! Lucas started to cry after the 4th Slap and was totally exhausted after the 10th one!
The Mistress asked Him: „ Will you ever misbehave again Sissy Boy?“
„no Mistress i will do whatever you want Mistress!“

„ Thats a good Boy!
At least now, everyone knows what happens if you break the Rules!
I will now explain to you whats going to be your Daily Routine for the next Weeks.
From Monday to friday you have classes. We always meet up in here at 8.00 Am

Monday you will get teached by Mistress H. She will teach you things like a good Behavior and good Manners

Tuesday I will be your teacher!  We will go the Gymnasium and do some Sports! You will get your sports gear in the Locker! You are never Allowed to take it with you afterwards!

Wednesday Master Tyron will teach you some things about the anatomy and the way your Body works!

Thursday Mistress C will teach you anything you need for Housekeeping,  like Cooking and so on…

Friday you can Sleep until Master Francis Collects you in your Room and you will get a nice Massage from him. The rest of the Day you are free to do whatever you want in the communal Room or in your own Rooms. You can also visit the others in their Rooms if you want to.

Saturday You will get a Medical examination from Doctor F.

And on Sunday you will again have some free time but you’ll have to give us your clothes. We will pick them up Sunday at 9:00 am. and you’ll get them Back at 8:00 PM.

Mistress H. will enter any minute. I wish you good luck at you’re first Day and make Sure to not misbehave!“
And the Screen went Black! Suddenly the Door opened again and while Master Tyron leaved the room a beautiful woman dressed in a Black dress entered.

„Hello, my Name is Mistress H. but you can simply call me Miss if you want.
For the weeks to come i will be your teacher in Good Behavior……“

After some time you felt like you fell asleep and you forgot the World around you!
When you finally Wake up again you noticed the Class had just ended! You had sleeped for the whole time and nobody had said anything!
You tried to behave normally and you left the Classroom with Lucas.
When you two were  finally back in your Room you noticed how Lucas immediately putted his panties on! He seemed very traumatized and didn’t say a word for the rest of the Day.

Although  the Situation was really bad, the only good thing was your Room.
It was nice and warm. The beds were very Comfy. The Bath was very clean. And you had some Water bottles you could drink any time you wanted.
You thought you should be very far away from home. You never saw this kind of Bottle.
It was Called „Femaqua“.
before you fell asleep you noticed you hadn’t ate anything since you arrived. You weren’t as hungry as you should have been. With all this thought and concerns you fell asleep.

Chapter 2 will be released Soon!

I Hope you like it 🙂 its my first attempt to do something like that 🙂

There’s a black guy in my school that he slapped my ass while we play football. And since that day I feel horny and want him to fuck me so hard and become his slut. Any advice to seduce him to fuck my ass ?

So, the first thing you should know is that, over time,
people’s sexuality does change.  Its almost
inevitable.  People change, tastes
change, desires change.  The problem with
your particular issue is that someone (you, in this case) cannot bring about
those changes out of the blue.  If he’s
not actually in to feminine guys or trans women, there’s not going to be a whole lot you can
do to bring him around.

But, if you’ve just got to have him, you should first figure
out if he’s actually into someone like you.  He might
have just been slapping your butt because that’s what guys do in sports (or so
I’ve been told…).  Try casually
bringing up homosexuality or transgenderism in conversation, and keep what you say neutral.  If he reacts with disgust, maybe it’s time to
look for a partner elsewhere.  Even if he
is one of the (possibly) mythical “closet cases”, you’re going to
have a hard time convincing him to give you a go.  If he reacts more positively, or even
negatively towards those who are negative, well… maybe you have
a shot.  Keep directing bits of random
conversation (at different times, not all at once) towards what kind of guy or
girl he wants.  Then, the annoying part,
become that guy or girl.  If he likes
muscular men, hit the gym.  If he likes
preppy girls, start studying fashion and makeup.  You can’t change him, at least not without a
really long term game plan, but you can change yourself.  Most people will tell you that if he won’t
accept you for who you are, he’s not worth it.
But, the fact is that any relationship, even if it’s just a sexual one
like you’re talking about, is going to be about compromise if it’s going to
work. You’ve always got to give to get.  And
if that’s a road you’re willing to travel, it’s time for you to get to it.

Once you’ve become his dream girl (or guy), then you make
your move.  And that’s going to have to
be up to you, and your judgment of what kind of moves he likes.  If he’s willing to do something
non-traditional in a relationship, and you’re exactly what he’s looking for,
and you’re obviously interested him, you’ve done about all you can.  The rest is up to fate/luck/destiny/random
chance and him.

Now, go get your man!  And best of luck to you!

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