Why do you want a tiny limp dick so badly? You wouldn’t be able to fuck anymore.

That’s the point!

When a sissy gets a tiny limp clitty, they learn that they can’t stroke themselves to orgasm like a real man anymore. Real men have big, hard, throbbing cocks. Sissies have pathetic little clitties. So sissies learn to get sexual gratification through submission, worshipping cock in their ass and mouth. That’s how all sissy sluts should learn to get pleasure. <3

Whats the best way to train yourself to no longer be sexually stimulated by girls

Here’s a big secret for you, Anon.

If you’re trying to train yourself to be sexually stimulated by men and instead of women, then the truth is, you’ve always been aroused by men. The problem is that you’ve been socially trained to think and behave differently. Fixing this takes a lot of time, effort, and determination.

First and foremost, you need to stop masturbating to pictures of women. Whenever you see beautiful, sexy women, you should avert your eyes away from their breasts or ass. Staring at women’s bodies is what men do; you’re a sissy, and sissies are never impolite to women like that.

You need to retrain yourself to be fully sexually stimulated by images of men and their hard cocks. The most powerful thing you can do is practice edging. Stroke yourself until you’re sooooo close to orgasm, and then stop. Don’t touch yourself again until you’re completely soft.

Keep this going, but don’t cum. Don’t let yourself cum for a long time. I’m going to say two weeks. It seems long, but you can do it. By the time the two weeks are over, your pathetic sissy dick will be so desperate to orgasm that you’ll succumb to almost anything. And that’s when you pull up one of those fun sissy hypnosis videos, put on some headphones, watch it on loop for an hour, and finally you can cum.

It’ll be a strange sensation, but after this, it’ll all be easier. The more you submit yourself to images of hot, hung guys, the more you edge until you’re trembling like a bitch in heat, the faster your body and mind will rid themselves of being aroused by women. The human body responds and changes based on what makes it feel good, so if you only rub your cute sissy clitty to pictures of real men, your mind and body will gradually put you on your way to being the perfect sissy that’s always limp around women and moaning in heat around men. <3

sissyminji: The gift package of sissy? It can suck cocks for…


The gift package of sissy?
It can suck cocks for real men.
It can serve anything for all of women.

Do you wanna receive this gift??

No, I just want to be that gift.

littleredsissy: Little Red’s Sissy Bimbo Rule BookRule #1:…


Little Red’s Sissy Bimbo Rule Book


This is the golden rule, sissies. There’s nothing more important for a sissy than to obey.

When you realized you wanted to start your journey down the path of feminization, what was the first thing you did? You went online to find somebody who could help you. Maybe you went to a sissy forum. Maybe you searched out a hypnotist. Or you found a Master or Mistress. Or maybe you have sissy friends right here on Tumblr.

Changing your mind and body takes a tremendous amount of commitment, but most importantly, it takes trust. When you put on your headphones, close your eyes, and take in the words of a hypnotic mistress, you’re putting your trust into them, that they know what they’re doing and want to help you be the best sissy bimbo slut you can be.

So when they give you instructions, don’t ever question them, don’t ever deny them, don’t ever find a workaround. You will OBEY. Obedience is the fastest and most pleasurable way to change how your pretty little head works, and once you learn to always obey, the rest will come so naturally~ <3